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Welcome to

'Gentle Reader,

Lo, here a Camera Obscura is presented to thy view,
in which are lights and shades dancing on a whited canvass,
and magnified into apparent life!
if thou art perfectly at leisure for such trivial amusement, walk in,
and view the wonders of my Enchanted Garden.'

Erasmus Darwin, The Botanic Garden ( 1792 )

People who are Plant Explorers are different from those who are plant hunters, in that their goal is discovery more than acquisition. Plant Explorers today are often botanists or botanical photographers and painters, but can be anyone with a real love for nature and plants. If you are a Plant Explorer, or just someone who loves plants, then this site is for you.

Whether you are willing to travel to the ends of the earth to find the right subject for a photograph or painting, or if you just want to grow the plants in your own garden, is your source. We have Resource Pages with information on photographic equipment, plant clubs, botanical gardens and seed sources, and we have a gallery where members can display their work.

Hidden within our site are many little treasures, image links that may not be obvious, but that take you to further information. Almost every image in this site has an 'alt' tag that will tell you about it, or give a hint as to where the link will take you. This site is like a jungle with clearly marked trails, easy to navigate, but with numerous smaller paths hidden beneath the canopy, waiting to be discovered. Perhaps you might find the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, or sail the seas with Captain Bligh...

PlantExplorers' is also a virtual showcase for our members to display their work, and as our membership grows, more pages will be added, detailing our members' adventures, and we have the Explorers Pages, dedicated to a number of historical plant explorers. Ripping good stuff.

Now, if you feel like growing your own plant subjects, we have links to a number of seed sources where you can find some rare and unusual plants. And we have a whole lot more, but studies have shown that few people read lengthy or overly detailed introductions. So, to the one or two people who are still reading this; Please, stop it….and start checking out our other pages.

Really... stop it...Okay, now you're just creeping us out.

Look, if you're so starved for something to read, read this biography, or maybe a little high seas adventure like this...


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Feature Articles

Louis van Houtte (1810–1876) Louis van Houtte

Born in 1810 Belgium, Louis van Houtte was to become one of that nation's greatest plant explorers and nurserymen. A biographical sketch newly translated by Judith M. Taylor MD from the 1911 original. More...

Davidia involucrata

Davidia involucrata - The Dove Tree

'To my mind Davidia involucrata is at once the most interesting and beautiful of all trees of the north-temperate flora….

Hers' Juliana LilacHers' Juliana Lilac

The International Registrar of Lilacs, Freek Vrugtman, discuses his search for the legendary lilac discovered by Joseph Hers in China almost 100 years ago.

Explorers, the Scottish Plant Hunters' Garden
Scottish Plant Collectors' Garden

Nick Dawson writes about establishing the new Scottish Plant Collectors' Garden in Pitlochry, Scotland.

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